Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Canada on Vacation

It is certainly the case that Canada is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The most significant feature of this country is its cultural diversity and multiculturalism. As a result of this diversity, every nation left its trail. There is a reason why exactly this country should be visited during your vacation: the country is full of various attractions on different tastes, and every region has its own fascinating places influenced by many cultures. It is possible to visit England in the region of Ottawa, France in Montreal, and the USA in Toronto; however, Canada has its own significant image, which differs from the other countries. Canada is also well-known by its beautiful nature and ecology, where every visitor or tourist can visit various places and view all its beauty and mightiness. In addition to cultural diversity and beauty of the nature, Canada has an extremely developed infrastructure and events industries, where it is possible to visit various concerts and spectacular performances of the greatest artists of the modern world every week. Every person who visits this amazing country can find various attractions and satisfy his/her own tastes and preferences. Canada will fascinate by its nature, friendly people and developed service.


The first province that is going to be viewed is one of the biggest Canadian provinces, Ontario. The capital of Ontario is Toronto, a large megapolis where it is possible to find various attractions to every taste. As Toronto is the capital of the province, there are usually held the biggest events such as concerts, performances and festivals. Every week, it is possible to visit concerts on the biggest concert venues. In Toronto, it is possible to visit one of the greatest cinema festivals that are usually held in September. The symbol of Toronto is the CN Tower, which is the most recognizable and famous icon of the city and also well known as a part of fascinating Toronto’s skyline. The tower is the tallest building in the world and reflects the spirit of the modern world. In addition, it is an important telecommunication hub. In the province of Ontario, there are more than 1000 Island Skydecks, where it is possible to see the urban beauty of the largest cities of Ontario.

The second famous place of Ontario is its natural pear Niagara Falls. In Niagara, there are many places to visit and have a wonderful time. People usually come there to see the famous wonder of nature – Niagara Falls, and various parks and gardens. On the territory of Niagara, there is an extremely developed infrastructure with various restaurants, shops, hotels and picnic pavilions. Canada is well known by its great nature, and there is also the possibility to visit real African Lion Safari in Ontario. Over 1,000 exotic animals and birds live in the area of safari. All visitors can drive their own vehicles or use specific, comfortable, air-conditioned guided safari tour buses. Canada is also a historical place where ancient times left the trail as well. For those visitors who want to visit its historical attractions, Black Greek Pioneer Village will be a perfect place. This village has a spirit of the 19th century with its houses, workshops and other buildings that reflects the Victorian community of the 1860s. Artisans and villagers demonstrate skills of bread making and cooking in the style of that period. Canada is also a cultural place where art plays an extremely significant role. Canadian National Exhibition is a place where there is one of the largest fairs in North America with its 500 attractions. Royal Ontario Museum is a must-see place of Ontario, where the greatest collections of art, science, nature and architecture are collected. Ontario is also a perfect place for children. The most well-known places for bringing children to are Toronto Zoo, Centreville Amusement Park and Ontario Place.


Quebec is a miracle of the country, which can be called ‘a little France’. This province was created by French and francophone citizens who were willing to escape various pressures of their government and authorities. So, in Canada there is one more country which is as beautiful and elegant as France. The first place to visit is fortifications as the history of this province takes a place from the ancient times, “Québec is the only fortified city in North America north of Mexico, with close to 4.6 km of walls and imposing gates to explore”. In addition, there are many other attractions that reflect the history of the province, such as Old Quebec Terrace. This attraction is a UNESCO designed heritage treasure. The Terrace is built in an old-centuries architecture style, where every visitor can feel its fascinating and romantic atmosphere and European charm.

Moreover, there is a Place-Royal or Petit-Champlain District that is well known as an old-fashioned district the first habitation of which was in 1608. As in France, the nature in Quebec is wonderful, and citizens are trying to keep its nature in the best condition. St. Lawrence River is an extremely interesting place to visit for those who like nature. There are many cruise ships in the surroundings of this beautiful landscape. Another natural attraction is Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier, a spectacular Riviera surrounded by a steep wall. In this area, it is possible to go canoeing, hiking, fishing, and engage oneself in many other interesting activities. Cemin du Roy is Canada’a oldest highway that was built in 1737. It attracts visitors with various historical places and museums. Montmorency Falls Park is a place that should not be missed as it brings the opportunity to view 83m high falls, higher than Niagara. In addition, Montreal is one of the most attractive places of Quebec, where it is possible to view the atmosphere of France with its amazing cuisine and beautiful places.


Another province is Manitoba, which is located in the centre of Canada. This region is famous for its natural attractions such as plains, landscapes, wildlife rich forests, lakes and rivers. The first place to visit is Winnipeg, the capital of province, where every visitor can find developed infrastructure, museums and performing arts scene such as Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the Manitoba Opera and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. Riding Mountain National Park that “covers 1,158 square miles of prairies, meadows, lakes, boreal forests, hills and valleys, is Manitoba’s top wilderness destination”. Another attraction that may be interesting to visit is Churchill and Hudson Bay, which is the “polar bear capital of the world”. This town is frequently visited by polar bears and is very popular among tourists. The International Peace Garden is a wonderful botanic garden with a wide variety of beautiful flowers and trees. The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre has a large collection of reptile fossils and is a very interesting place to visit.


Alberta is a comfortable and beautiful Canadian province which is also popular among tourists. The first place to visit in Alberta is Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, one of the most popular museums in Canada. The museum was build into the side of a cliff that was frequently used in ancient times by Indians. “As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this place is a must-see for anyone wanting to explore Native American culture”. There is another natural wonder such as Writing-on-Stone National Park, which is situated on Alberta and Montana boarder, and this park is also a part of UNESCO heritage. Lethbridge Japanese Gardens attract visitors from all over the world as it is a little Japan inside the country built by Japanese Canadians. It is also exiting to visit the capital of Alberta, Edmonton, where all entertainment and cultural sights are located. In addition, for those who like beautiful nature, Lake Louise is a perfect place to visit. The Lake is located deep in the Canadian Rockies.


Saskatchewan also has many attractions for tourists. There are two main tourist areas in this province such as Regina and Saskatoon, where it is possible to find everything a tourist needs. There are many museums and various cultural facilities in this province. It is possible to visit such museums as the Royal Saskatchewan Museum that was built in 1906, Saskatoon Western Development Museum, and Government House.

In addition, as every Canadian province, it is full of parks, gardens, and lakes. It is possible to visit Prince Albert National Park and Fort Walsh National Historic Site. In addition, there are many theatres that can attract tourists by their spectacular performances. Broadway Theatre and Regina Globe Theatre always entertain visitors with various concerts and performances. Regina Floral conservatory is a wonderful garden that has a wide variety of flowers, and this place is a must-see for visitors. Also, there is a famous Cypress Hills Provincial Park located in this province .

New Brunswick

New Brunswick is a combination of French-Canadian culture and is famous by its warm beaches. The most famous place to visit is the Bay of Fundy and Fundy Coast. It is an amazing natural attraction of Canada. The highest tides on Earth are on this coast. Kings Landing has a Loyalist or British side and also can be extremely interesting for tourists. This attraction is “a living history museum on the St. John’s River in western New Brunswick, which brings Loyalist history to life, turning visitors into participants as re-enactors discuss issues and concerns that affected 19th-century Loyalist families. Another interesting place to visit is Moncton and the Coast, which is divided by two main Canadian cultures, French and British, and refers to the bilingual city of Canada with many beautiful places and attractions t visit. La Pays de la Saqouine is a recreated village that is popular by its musicians and actors. This is a piece of 19th century, where every visitor can view various performances made in 19th century old-fashioned manner.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is a wonderful Canadian province full of various attractions and events. The first place that is definitely be a must-see is a Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo. “This military tattoo celebrates the links between Nova Scotia and Scotland (Nova Scotia means ‘New Scotland’ in Latin) and with a cast of over 2,000 is the largest annual indoor show in the world”. This event runs every July and collects both civilian and military acts from various countries.

Another significant event is Tall Ships Nova Scotia Festival that represents an outrageous annual festival that also runs in the middle of July and is famous by it spectacular shows of world class Tall Ships. This event is the largest international gathering of Tall Ships. Another attraction is for those who like the beautiful nature of Canada. The famous Bay of Fundy is a bay near the ocean where the highest tides are situated. This attraction is famous for its fascinating views, beauty and mystery of the nature. This is definitely one of the most beautiful places in the whole Canada. Other significant attractions of this province are Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, which was built between 1828 and 1956, and Halifax Harbour that is a famous busy port and one of the most visited tourist destinations.

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is the smallest Canadian province that also has many places to visit. As any Canadian province, this province has its own events, attractions, beautiful nature and developed infrastructure. First, there are many parks where all tourists can get the opportunity for biking or jogging. Second, this province attracts visitors by its beaches, nature trails, outdoor recreation and various interpretive programs. In addition, there are many amusement parks many of which are located on the beaches. The province is a natural pearl of Canada, and there are many places where it is possible to have picnics or cycling excursions. The province is also a historical heritage, where all tourists can visit its antique museums or art galleries.

Newfoundland & Labrador

Newfoundland & Labrador is definitely one of the most beautiful sites in Canada, which is famous by its historical places. As this province is situated near the ocean, there many places that can attract those tourists who like see. Battle Harbour, which is a burstling salt fish capital helps its visitors to get back in time as it is a historical place of province. Bonavista is also a historical site as it was the first settlement of John Cabot. Cape St. Mary’s is a seabird rookery with fascinating views and spirit. Gros Morne National Park that took Mother Nature 485,000,000 years to mould this UNESCO World Heritage Site into the geological and visual wonder we know today. And there is also the opportunity for winter resort such as Marble Mountain Ski Resort.

British Columbia

British Columbia is one of the largest and most famous provinces as the capital of Canada is situated in this region. Vancouver is the capital of Canada that has all possible attractions for any taste. The city is located in an ocean area and is well-known for its beautiful nature and water attractions. This city is the first place to visit in Canada. One of its most famous attractions is Grouse Mountain where its is possible to ski. Stanley Park is a place where families can gather and have some fun. Granville Island is a place where it is possible to find food court, shops and different markets. In addition, there is a famous Vancouver Aquarium where over 7000 species and animals are collected. Moreover, Vancouver is not only famous for its attractions. Tourists also can visit Butchart Gardens where there are 55 acres of floral finery.

There are three main regions of Canada: The Canadian Shield, the Canadian Lowlands, and the Canadian Highlands. In the Canadian Shield, the main attractions are the symbol of Toronto CN Tower, which is the most recognizable and famous icon of the city and also well-known as a part of fascinating Toronto’s skyline; fascinating natural miracle Niagara Falls, which is usually visited by many people; various parks and gardens; and wonderful camp grounds. In the Canadian Lowlands, the main attractions are white sandy beaches, Alberta foothills, Lake Winnipeg, and the opportunity for skating, skiing, hiking, canoening, and fishing. The last region is the Canadian Highlands that bring the possibility for tourists to visit Montreal, Old Quebec Terrace. This attraction is a UNESCO designed heritage treasure with beautiful lakes and faschinating natural attractions like Fundy Bay.

On a Final Note

It is up to your preferences which Canadian province to visit on vacation. The main thing is to pass all your college or university exams with flying colors in order your parents would let you go traveling this amazing country. Anyway, you may apply to best essay service in the USA with an inquiry to help you with assignments to stay assured you will get an A grade and will have an unforgettable trip.


item Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Canada on Vacation
Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Canada on Vacation
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