Top Places to Visit for College Student

Travelling is one of the hobbies that most of the people treasure hence bringing about the idea of choosing the “best places to travel.” However, the choice of a good destination can be hectic because it depends on various factors such as budget, available time and personal interests among others. Given the fact that college students operate on a strict budget, below are some of the affordable travel destinations, offered by team of bloggers from Essay Zoo.


Mexico is a suitable destination because the overall budget is an approximation of $27.03 per day inclusive of accommodation, transport, meals, and attractions. The country has a lot of attraction sites that can suit almost everyone’s preferences. These ranges from idyllic lagoons and white sand beaches to desserts characterized by juicy cactus and jungles filled with wildlife. As well, the culture of the country involves plenty of dishes to choose from hence making it easy for anyone to find a meal that they can enjoy. The travel costs are directly proportional to the distance that the students have to travel and, therefore, fatigue is off the books.


Thailand is a good destination for college students due to the varied attractions. Nightlife is an interest that almost all college students have to go through. Thailandhas buzzing cities that provide the kind of nightlife that the students wish for. As well, the country appreciates all types of social classes hence the availability of items for different budgets regardless of how small it is. Among them is the different attractions and hostel dorm beds that are based on prices. Other things such as meals range on the average living cost for a common citizen. The country has an amazing culture, spectacular food, and shining temples to make a person’s stay a comfortable one. In addition, the cumulative budget is $21.69 per day.


Nicaragua is a nice destination for a student, and its cumulative daily cost is $43.03. Lake Nicaragua is filled with smoke from an active volcano hence creating one of the most beautiful volcano sceneries. The country is famous for its swirling waters and fire which is depicted by volcanoes. The cost of attractions and accommodation is based on the prices of Managua. The rest of the things range within the normal cost of living for a citizen of Nicaragua. The trip guarantees a very small amount of transport averaging at $0.30 in a day. This makes it easy for students to maneuver between different attraction sites.

Sri Lanka

The average cost of visiting Sri Lanka is $40.21 per day which is affordable to a student who is wise in saving the little that they have. There are a lot of attraction sites such as mountains, rainforest with a variety of wildlife, lush tea plantations, and temples among others. The main advantage of visiting Sri Lanka is the fact that the distance between places is very short hence making it easy to maneuver through many sites within a short period of time and at a small cost. The cumulative transport cost is $0.46 daily. There are also eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites which can be a great source of knowledge about the organization for the students. The prices of attractions and accommodation are based on those of Colombo while the rest of the things are within the normal cost of living for a Sri Lanka citizen.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is another destination whose cumulative daily cost is $50.99. The country has a beautiful rainforest and provides a world class surfing with white water rapids. This creates a great choice for students that love nature. There are also spectacular volcanoes. Given the fact that the country is relatively small, then a student can afford to explore almost all the attractions. Attraction and accommodation prices are based on those of San Jose while the rest are within the range of a normal cost of living in the country.


Indonesia is another destination for students that is filled with a lot of good things and places. The total cost of the visit is $31.06 per day. Hence, the number of days to stay depends on the student’s pocket. Among the main attraction, sites are the numerous islands whose beaches are covered by white sand. There are also simmering volcanoes which are a learning site for geography students. What makes Indonesia unique is the fact that the country has a lot of free and cheap offers that travelers can enjoy at their comfort. The prices of accommodation and attractions are based on those of Jakarta. On the other hand, the rest of the stuff is within the range of a typical citizen. However, given the fact that Indonesia is a major tourist attraction country, there is the challenge in the frequent changes that occur in the plane tickets. It is advisable to keep on checking the tickets in order to identify one that favors the student’s pocket. The best option is to book a plane ticket seven weeks before the actual date of travel because last minute bookings tend to be expensive. As well, too early bookings can be equally expensive hence the student should carry out their research well.


Albania is another country that is filled with beautiful scenery conducive to visit by college students. It is filled with natural beauty and mountain villages that seem to have frozen. The cumulative daily budget is $40.59 whereby attractions and accommodation are based on the prices of Tirana. Other prices are based on the average cost of living within the country.


Romania has hilltops characterized with beautiful castles and a small population that believes in witchcraft. Therefore, it makes a great destination for learning some of the things that are not in our country. Attractions and accommodation are based on the prices of Bucharest. The cumulative cost per day is $38.62.

The above destinations are some of the countries that are affordable to a college student. Therefore, it is the obligation of the student to identify the different packages that a country has and match it with the cost of the visit. As a result, the student will be able to visit a place that will offer them the satisfaction that they were looking while planning the trip. As well, it is important to make arrangements as early as possible and identify the friends to tag along. This helps in the reduction of last-minute rush can lead to forgetting of some of the trip items. The right road trip company is an addition to the fun that a student would have during the trip. Therefore, the above road trip destinations for students are great choices since they are affordable and have marvelous attraction sites.


item Top Places to Visit for College Student
Top Places to Visit for College Student
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